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Apr 19th
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Home Emerging Technology Human - Animal Hybrids Glow in the Dark . . . Humans

Glow in the Dark . . . Humans

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Human embryo"The Cornell scientists put a gene for a fluorescent protein into the single-celled human embryo. The embryo had three sets of chromosomes instead of two."

After the embryo divided for three days, all the cells in the embryo glowed, Rosenwaks said. He said the goal of the work was to see if the fluorescent marker would carry into the daughter cells, allowing genetic changes to be traced as cells divided."

"A spokesman for the National Institutes of Health said the Cornell work would not be classified as gene therapy in need of federal review, because a test-tube embryo is not considered a person under the regulations."

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Scientists engineer human embryo to "Glow in the dark" 

The Cornell scientists put a fluorescent gene, taken from a jellyfish, into single-celled human embryos. These human embryos had three sets of chromosomes instead of two. 

An Ethical Look at Human-Animal Embryos

Bioethicist, Dr David Jones, examines the ethical issues behind this by dealing with ten frequently-asked questions on the subject.

Round Three—“Mixing & Matching” Biological Building Blocks: Mouse-Human Chimeras Are Here!

The new study injected human embryonic stem cells into the brains of fetal mice. These human embryonic stem cells went on to form human brain cells, neurons, and glia within the mouse brain.

 'Cybrid' exemption for stem-cell research

Experiments with embryos created by fusing human DNA with “empty” animal eggs could be exempted from a ban on research using other human-animal embryos, the minister overseeing the legislation said yesterday.