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Eugenics: Illegitimate Offspring of Transhumanism


Throughout history eugenics has been used to "purify" the human race of the unwanted. Historically, a standard was set by the State that determined who was worthy of life and dignity and who was not. Those that did not meet the mark were treated as non-humans undergoing experimentation, torture and death.

It is not possible for man to set a standard of humanity without eugenics following. Hitler performed it with the Jews. America accepted it with slavery. Margaret Sanger enacted it with abortion. Transhumansim is ratifying a standard and a dream of human perfection, but with that standard there are those who will not meet it. It has built an idea that people no longer have dignity or respect of life just because they are human, but because of what they can be or do. People become commodities where they are no longer human, but products or property.

Scientific methods have already been developed with little restriction laying the ground work for this type thinking. Eugenics has three main categories of implementation into society as expressed by the new emerging biomedical technologies: Cloning, Genetic Engineering and Genoism.

Historically, eugenic ideals are clearly seen in the hateful policies of the Nazi regime, as well as in the guiding principles of the KKK. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood (PP), levied for strict procreation laws against minorities and the poor. She believed that only the upper classes should have the privilege of childbearing in hopes of developing a “cleaner race.” PP has carried on its founder’s creed, but attempts to soften it eugenic agenda by repeating the mantra “Every child a wanted child.” The question remains: Wanted by whom, the eugenically driven machine of PP, or each individual mother in a happy or desperate situation?

If the eugenics movement is allowed to infiltrate the mainstream culture of today and manipulate the way people view life, it will pervert the beauty found in the individuality of all humans. If people fail to realize what evil can come from engineering future generations to achieve man’s ideal of perfection, a new breed of discrimination will be born. It’s called genoism: discrimination against someone based on their “inferior” genetics. The topic is explored in the sci-fi movie Gattaca and although the discrimination seems far-fetched to the movie viewer, the reality of the situation hits closer to home than people may realize. Will this movement towards genetic perfection one day leave those deemed “genetically inferior” in the same place the African American was in when they were ignorantly deemed “racially inferior”? Will we remain silent as history repeats itself?