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Personhood Advocates

Presidential Personhood Proclamation

"NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim and declare the unalienable personhood of every American, from the moment of conception until natural death"

President Ronald Reagan, July 14, 1988


"I applaud the good folks of Georgia for challenging the culture of death and championing life at all stages. The Georgia Personhood Amendment is a reflection of a growing pro-life sentiment across the country and points toward a post-Roe era. I hope that the state legislature moves quickly to pass this amendment so that it can go before the voters in Georgia."

Tony Perkins
President, Family Research Council


" . . . this is a season, perhaps, like none other, to truly influence the world . . . we must safeguard the Personhood of all human beings, for if we do not, then the infant with developmental disabilities will be labeled a "pre-person," and the young man with profound brain injury will be labeled a "non-person," and aging people with Alzheimer’s . . . will be labeled "post-persons."

Joni Eareckson Tada

"I commend Georgia's legislators as they seek a constitutional amendment that not only establishes the 'personhood' of the fetus, but more importantly speaks to all areas of the sanctity of life cause. This vehicle could set the stage for the nationwide recognition of the unborn as legal "persons" deserving of constitutional protection and thereby provide a direct challenge to the central holding of Roe v. Wade."

Donald Wildmon
Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association
and American Family Radio

American Right to Life- "The Personhood Wing of the Pro-Life Movement"

Colorado Right to Life - Personhood Campaign Statement of Values

Georgia Right to Life

"To be clear, a person professing to be pro-life who holds a rape/incest exception is actually pro-abortion with exceptions." - Jill Stanek blog

"But because it goes totally against my grain to expend energy undercutting fellow pro-lifers' efforts (aside from flakes), and because it's never wrong to do the right thing, and because a ratified personhood state amendment or statute would be a good problem to have, and because I think public education is critical, I support personhood initiatives."

Jill Stanek, WorldNet Daily


Personhood USA -  Coordinating and empowering state Personhood initiatives


Life Coalition International is proud to be a sponsor of Personhood Florida.  This is a “fully” pro-life initiative that we can proudly support.  PersonhoodFL changes the yardstick that we use to judge “pro-life” from the statement, “I am pro-life because I am against some abortions” to, “am pro-life and I am willing to defend the right to life of all persons not just some!

Dr. Patricia McEwen, Director, Life Coalition International.
Flip Benham, National Director, Operation Save America

“I heartily endorse the efforts of the Florida Personhood Campaign to firmly re-establish in law the right to life of the human person from the “beginning of the [individual’s] biological development” to the moment of natural death. As Catholics we cannot have any other stance but this! It is both the message of the Gospel and the message of common sense, and every effort to place this issue on the top of voters' agendas has the support of Human Life International and all our affiliates throughout the world. Our prayers also accompany this work of spiritual battle."

Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, President, Human Life International, 9/1/2009

"I will definitely support and be a sponsor of the California Human Rights Amendment."

Lila Rose, President, Live Action Films

"We have nibbled around the edges of the abortion holocaust for almost forty years and, during that time, more than 50 million babies have been slaughtered. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of the fact that our goal is not to regulate abortion, restrict abortion, reduce the numbers of abortions or hammer out some sort of accommodation with the abortion lobby. Today, the most important question for the pro-life movement is: when are we going to return to our roots and drive a stake through the heart of this foul-smelling beast? And that doesn’t mean simply overturning Roe v. Wade. It means passing a constitutional amendment that affirms the personhood of the unborn from the instant of fertilization. Until that happens, this battle cannot end; it can only ebb and flow."

Mark Crutcher, Life Dynamics


We, the leaders and women of the Jehovah Rophe Ministry for the Post Abortive Women of the Neighborhood Church in Castro Valley, openly declare our support for the California Human Rights Amendment, for Pastor Walter Hoye and the work he is doing on behalf of the unborn babies and our babies who now rest in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise His Holy Name!

Prima Mosely, Jehovah Rophe Ministry for Post Abortive Women


Any discussion of abortion should begin with acknowledging the personhood of the pre-born child. Human Life Alliance stands in solidarity with Reverend Walter Hoye and fully supports his efforts to put the California Human Rights Amendment on the 2010 California ballot.

Jo Tolck, Executive Director, Human Life Alliance

National Personhood Alliance Endorsements



Niamh Ui Bhriain, of Ireland's Life Institute

"We are absolutely delighted to hear this good news, as we wholeheartedly support the non-compromisory stance of the NPA, who will seek to defend life from the moment of conception until natural death. Our experience in Ireland has conclusively shown that abortion is never required to save the life of the mother, and that we can offer better, life-affirming answers than abortion to women who have become pregnant through rape or incest. Therefore, we encourage NPA - from its moment of conception - to stand strong for every mother and baby.  How could you compromise on Life? God bless you, your supporters, and your important work!"


Pastor Walter Hoye, Spokesperson for the National Black Pro-Life Coalition (NBPLC)

"If the goal of the Fourteenth (14) Amendment was to give legal effect to the Civil Rights Bill of 1866, then the goal of Personhood is to give legal effect to a definition of Personhood that includes all human beings, regardless of how we were procreated, from the pre-born, to the senior citizen facing end of life decisions, to the disabled war veteran. 
Personhood in Black America is not simply a Pro-Life strategy or tactic that establishes legal rights for all human beings at all stages of our development. Personhood recognizes there is a much deeper desire within the hearts of the disenfranchised to be accepted, approved, acknowledged, and affirmed by the supreme and highest law of the land as a person. 
In my opinion, the National Personhood Alliance is what the Pro-Life movement looks like victorious!"


Pastor R.C. Sproul, Jr., long time pro-life activist, author and founder, Highlands Ministries

"The National Personhood Alliance speaks not with compromise, cowardice and cunning but with conviction, clarity, and consistency, not only doing the Lord's work, but doing it the Lord's way."


Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas,  Assistant Director of Operation Save America, Founder and Director of Elijah Ministries, Founder and Director of the Kingdom Leadership Institute, Founder and Director of Rachel’s Park Memorial

"Harry A. Blackmun, the Supreme Court Justice who penned the tragic ruling of Roe v. Wade in favor of abortion, revealed the “Achilles Heel” to abolish the infamous Supreme Court Decision. Blackmun wrote: 'The appellee and certain amici argue that the fetus is a “person” within the language and meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment. In support of this, they outline at length and in detail the well-known facts of fetal development. If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant’s case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the Amendment.'

National Personhood Alliance understands the significance of Blackmun's statement. It is a key element to dismantle the injustice Roe vs. Wade unleashed against our nation. NPA also knows that the Lord has not called us to regulate baby-murder, but to end it in Jesus name! I, for one, stand with them in this great endeavor.


Charles E. Rice, Professor Emeritus, Notre Dame Law School

"Congratulations to you and your associates on the formation of the National Personhood Alliance. It would elevate to the national scale the sound principles and strategy which you and Georgia Right to Life have effectively advanced. Please keep up the good work and prayer for our country."


Mathew D. Staver, Vice President, Liberty University, Dean and Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law
Director, Liberty Center for Law and Policy

"History will one day look upon the movement to affirm the personhood of pre-born children in the same way we now look upon the abolition of slavery and the end of the Holocaust. Through the years Georgia Right to Life has been a reliable and principled voice for the pre-born. The formation of National Personhood Alliance is a call to turn the page and restore a culture of life."


Abby Johnson, #1 best selling pro-life author

"I am so excited about this new initiative. It is time for the prolife movement to actively stand up for all who are vulnerable. Gone are the days of making excuses for why some are not worthy of the human right to life. No one deserves to be marginalized for political gain or any other reason." 


Steve Deace, Washington Times Columnist

"The issue of life is the defining moral issue of the age. It is the most important God-given right of them all. Sectors of our movement have devolved to an industry, or have chosen to play partisan political games with innocent life. God doesn't love a child any less because of how they were conceived, and neither should we. Let's get back to making the main thing the main thing. And the main thing is this -- all life is sacred. Always."


Ricardo Davis, SE Regional Director for the Constitution Party from their prolife plank
A human being, whose life begins at fertilization and ends in natural death, is created in God's image. We recognize and affirm the legal personhood of all human beings, without exception. The first duty of the law is to prevent the shedding of innocent blood. Therefore it is the duty of all civil governments to secure and to safeguard the lives of persons from fertilization to natural death.

Rebecca Kiessling, President, Save The 1


"Finally, there is a new national 100% pro-life organization which will have a presence on Capitol Hill, and which will provide leadership to the many pro-life groups around the country who have been disheartened by the compromise approach within too much of the movement.  Save The 1 looks forward to working with National Personhood Alliance to see that all people are accepted and protected, no matter their method of conception, special needs, or stage of development."


Monica Kelsey and Pam Stenzel, Founders, Living Exceptions

"Living Exceptions is thrilled to support the formation of the new pro-life organization, the National Personhood Alliance (NPA).  We believe the slaughter of the innocent must END,  not just be limited, because every human life has value and dignity from the very moment of existence until natural death.  It is time for us to stop claiming to be pro-life, and then make exceptions for certain classes of babies we do not believe deserve protection. We are excited to join hands with NPA and finally stand firm on the principle that  all innocent life, regardless of manner of conception, stage of development, or level of ability can and should be protected."


Dawn Eskew, founder Personhood Education New York

“Science and technology gets old, if not obsolete, after 10 years. When 40 years pass, detached from the advances in science, the pro life movement becomes as detached, if not obsolete from the real world. Personhood Education New York applauds the efforts of National Personhood Alliance to bring society up to date.”


Molly Smith, President of Cleveland Right to Life, organizer of one of America's largest pro-life conventions

“ Our organization is excited to become a charter member of National Personhood Alliance and to continue to bring America back to life through restoring first principles of protecting and supporting all human life as envisioned by Nellie Gray, founder of the March for Life”.  Smith further noted that CRTL is confident that under the leadership of Dan Becker and with the support of GA RTL the prolife movement has moved into the 21st millennium with a winning strategy that will restore the family and finally end destructive practices that devalue and destroy human life."


Flip Benham, Director Operation Save America
"National Personhood Alliance is a coalition of Christians that are willing to unsheathe the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, and wield it in the battle for the lives of preborn children.  It proclaims life without exception, without compromise, and without apology.  
Abortion will come to an end in America when the church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end - and not one second sooner.  We are winning this battle in the streets of our cities as we allow the theology of heaven to become biography at the gates of hell where preborn children are killed.  Personhood is the perfect representation of the unsheathing of God's Word.   God watches over His Word to preform it.
National Personhood Alliance, under the leadership of Dan Becker, has our whole - hearted support and heartfelt thanks."
Patricia McEwen PhD, Director Life Coalition International
"We are honored to support National Personhood Alliance in this effort to call us to be  principled be pro-life and base our efforts on the firm foundation of God's Word. It is time to refuse to compromise.  No exceptions and no apologies because all humans are made in the image of God." 


Legal Advocates of Personhood

We are grateful to the following individuals who have consistently promoted and defended Personhood legislation:

The following organizations support a state Human Life Amendment:

"The Human Life Amendment provides Georgia with the best legal means of overturning the central holding of Roe v Wade. At the very least, it ensures that Georgia immediately becomes a pro-life state the moment the shackles of Roe are broken. For too long the pro-life movement has been dominated by a strategy of “wait”-- too fearful of losing to risk winning. The adoption of this amendment will place Georgia at the forefront of the battle to restore the sanctity of innocent human life. I applaud Georgia’s pro-life citizens and their elected representatives for having the courage of their convictions."

Richard Thompson
President & Chief Counsel
Thomas More Law Center

I strongly support a Human Life Amendment. All of our rights and liberties are illusory and meaningless if the right to life is not secure. The Declaration of Independence, which Thomas Jefferson called a “reflection of the American mind,” declares that it is the duty of government to protect the right to life, a right which the Founders considered to be inalienable."

Mathew D. Staver
Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel
Dean and Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law

"There is nothing in the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States which conclusively forbids Georgia to define and protect the rights of the unborn child beyond the extent to which those rights are recognized and protected under the United States Constitution. H. R. 536, therefore, cannot be dismissed as a futile exercise. Rather, in my opinion, it is an affirmation not only of the rights of the unborn child under Georgia law but also of the reserved power of the State of Georgia to define, as a matter of state law, the meaning and scope of the Georgia Constitution. It is an affirmation of the federalism embodied in the general structure of the United States Constitution as well as in the Tenth Amendment.

You and the members of Georgia Right to Life deserve the appreciation of all supporters of the right to life for your forthright presentation of the simple truth of this issue. H.R. 536 is an important step forward in the effort to restore legal protection for the right to life of all human beings. And the time is right for such an initiative. The increased public concern about abortion, in light of advancing knowledge, makes this an appropriate time to present to the newly configured Supreme Court a clear and measured enactment, such as H.R. 536, to invite the Court to address the issue. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by offering such a straightforward presentation of the issue for the consideration of the Supreme Court."

Charles E. Rice
Professor Emeritus of Law

University of Notre Dame

"Life Legal Defense Foundation shares the goal of the "personhood" movement, for a renewal of our nation's fundamental commitment to equal justice under the law for all human beings.  The California Human Rights initiative will provide voters in this state with the opportunity to stand up for the innocent unborn, who cannot speak for themselves."

Dana Cody, President and Executive Director, Life Legal Defense Foundation

Politicians for Personhood

"God will not and cannot bless America while we are killing 4,000 babies every day. We must legally define life and personhood beginning at fertilization. I applaud all efforts in doing so."

~ U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, Jr. MD (GA 10)

Judge Roy Moore, Alabama former Chief Justice

Tom Shaw, Iowa State House

Don Dwyer, Maryland State Representative

Wendy Warburton, Montana State Representative

Margaret Sitte, State Senator, North Dakota

Todd Rehm, political reporter InsiderAdvantageGeorgia

"Georgia Right to Life has been not just the keeper of the right to life flame, but the only enduring Conservative organization to have a continuous influence on the course of Georgia politics for more than 20 years."



Huckabee for President 2008

"In keeping with my consistent support for life, I believe in the 'one exception' clause for the life of the mother and I support the Georgia Personhood Amendment. I also support, and have consistently done so, the Human Life Amendment to the United States Constitution".

Mike Huckabee
2008 Presindential Candidate

Alan Keyes, Presidential Candidate

Political Parties

"Saturday, May 16, 2009, at the state Republican Party convention in Savannah, GA the Georgia GOP passed a resolution that called for a Human Life Amendment to establish protection for all Georgians under the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution from the moment of fertilization until natural death.

The resolution stated, "Whereas the Georgia Republican Party has a long tradition of strong support for traditional family values including the Right to Life for all Georgians from fertilization to natural death... Be it therefore resolved this May 16th, 2009 that the Georgia State Republican Party Convention do hereby reaffirm our support for families and values as presented in the National Republican Party Platform and call for support for a human life amendment to the Georgia Constitution and endorsees making clear that the protections under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution apply to unborn children...".

Apoyo totalmente la enmienda de California de los Derechos Humanos. Como una Americana de origen Latino, mi corazon se quiebra al saber de la alta cantidad de ninos que son abortados dia tras dia debido a que el hecho de que cada bebe es una persona, no es defendido. Apoyo todos los derechos de cada persona antes de nacer a tener el derecho de la vida, la libertad y la busqueda de felicidad. Todos los humanos son personas, eso es sentido comun y todos los humanos merecen derechos.    Animo a toda la comunidad Latina a votar por la Enmienda a los Derechos Humanos de California para proteger los derechos de los ninos dentro del vientre.

Translation: I totally support the California Human Rights Amendment. As an American of Latin origin, my heart is broken by the knowledge of the high amount of children who are aborted day after day, due to the fact that each baby is a person, is not defended. I support all the rights of each person before being born to have the right of the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All humans are persons, that is common sense and all humans deserve rights. I encourage all the Latin community to vote for the California Human Rights Amendment to protect the rights of children in the womb.

Adryana Boyne, GOP National Delegate 2008 Spokesperson - Hispanic Affairs


Democrats for Life of America stands for the right to life of all who are genetically human, regardless of race, sex or stage of development. We seek legal protection of the right to life from conception to natural death and therefore support all nonviolent efforts to achieve this end - whether through legislation, ballot initiatives or court cases. California Democrats for Life endorses the proposed personhood initiative for California, especially as an educational tool to focus the attention of Californians on the plight of the unborn and women in crisis pregnancies.

Edith Black, Democrats for Life of America



Dr. Paul Broun (Congressman from GA)


Pro-Family Leaders for Personhood

"I commend Georgia's legislators as they seek a constitutional amendment that not only establishes the 'personhood' of the fetus, but more importantly speaks to all areas of the sanctity of life cause. This vehicle could set the stage for the nationwide recognition of the unborn as legal "persons" deserving of constitutional protection and thereby provide a direct challenge to the central holding of Roe v. Wade."

Donald Wildmon
President & Founder
American Family Association


In property, wills, and estates, the unborn is considered to have rights and may have a guardian appointed. In most states, including California, a tort committed against a child in the womb is actional in civil and an injury is actionable in both civil and criminal law. The only exception to this standard is when the woman choses to abort. This is ridiculous and out of sync with all other law. Even as Dred Scott was considered less than fully human, such is the case for the pre-born babies in the womb. A woman has a right to choose what she does with her body. The baby is not her body. Where is the lawyer for the baby? This is why I support the California Human Rights Amendment.

 Dr. Alveda C. King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


"Georgia has the chance to affirm what the good people in our state believe by passing the Human Life Amendment. For the sake of babies of all color, we should make the passage of this amendment the top priority in churches and communities. If we talk about this, our legislature will pass it."

 Tim Echols
Founder and CEO


"The human dignity question is central. Human dignity is indivisible; any assault on anyone's dignity around the world is an assault upon mine. These are assumptions which most of us share and hold very dear. The essence of human dignity lies in our being persons, not things."


 Nigel Cameron
Dean of Charles Colson's Wilberforce Forum in an interview on PBS Frontline


"Thank you for the opportunity to review the proposed Human Life Amendment. As a result of an overview of the language proposed by the Thomas More Law Center, it can be concluded that everything appears to be well formulated."

 Jonathan Scruggs
Litigation Counsel
Alliance Defense Fund


We publicly declare our admiration and total support for Rev. Walter Hoye and the California Human Rights Amendment. Our prayer is that personhood would be restored to its proper place in the minds, hearts and legislation of America.

Dr. Clenard Childress, BlackGenocide.Org

Pastors for Personhood

"The quintessential Civil Rights issue of the 21st Century is Life. For without life one cannot exhibit liberty and without liberty one cannot pursue happiness. Accordingly, Personhood USA stands today as a firewall of righteousness and justice thwarting the assault on the fundamental God ordained value of life by a culture of death, relativism and apathy. As President of America's largest Hispanic faith organization, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, the Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals, I am honored to join Walter B. Hoye II in advocacy of a life ethos that protects and defends the simple truth that Christ came to give us Life and Life abundantly. "

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

" . . . the reason we are a pro-life church is because God is a pro-life God . . . I don't know how you can get a stronger case for Personhood . . . "

Pastor Mark Driscoll

5 minute Video clip


"Speaking for the elder board and membership of Denver Bible Church, we endorse the personhood movement as we advocate enforcement of the God-given right to life including for the unborn. The government must acknowledge, if not willingly than through the social turmoil that results from peaceful protest against widespread injustice and grassroots political activism, that each human being is a person from the beginning of the biological development of that human being, regardless of the sexual or asexual method of reproduction."

Pastor Bob Enyart

"The Paramount Human Life Amendment acknowledges the fundamental truth that man is made in the likeness and image of God and that all life belongs to God. Any procedures designed to take life, such as abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide, and any attempt to alter human life, such as may be accomplished through genetic engineering or artificial intelligence, are an affront to God's sovereignty. Our society must not regard human life as disposable or something to be altered, but something that is sacred and which ought to be celebrated, nurtured and protected from fertilization to natural death. By getting the PHLA on the ballot in November of 2008 Georgia could become the nation's pacesetter in the fight for human dignity and the sanctity of life."

Dr. Gerald Harris, Editor of The Christian Index

Is it not amazing that we are forced, in our so-called advanced society, to defend the notion of personhood? Is it not shocking that supposedly bright people will not protect the most innocent and helpless person the one in the womb? Have we not learned from slavery how to properly define a person? Have we learned nothing from Hitler's Reich regarding the definition of personhood?

The “Personhood Test” puts the onus on those who favor the mutilation of a baby in his or her mother’s womb. This test places the burden of proof exactly where it should be, on those who say they are so-called “pro- choice” (though the baby never has a choice).  Those who say, “I am personally against abortion, but ...” need to be exposed for what they are: fundamentally unwilling to defend “persons.” Those who respond in a quasi-chameleon fashion with: “ I defend abortion but the number of abortions should be reduced ...” must be exposed for what they are, persons against persons, persons against people. That is why every caring, compassionate, thinking, rational human would and must support a Personhood Amendment.

Dr. Jim Garlow, Pastor, Skyline Church, La Mesa
I firmly believe that the crux of the discussion on abortion lies in the issue of personhood. At what point does an individual receive human rights? It is the singular discussion that will decide the issue on abortion, making virtually every other discussion irrelevant in comparison. Therefore, I wholeheartedly support the statewide effort to define personhood.
- Chris Clark, Pastor, East Clairemont Baptist Church, San Diego

At a time in our culture where human life has been devalued to the point of “end-of-life counseling”, there is a desperate need for fair minded Americans to reaffirm the dignity of life. The Personhood Amendment is a chance for us to “get it right” in our culture. We are at a crossroads in America. In order for us to slow down the Darwinist view of life and to make the correct turn at this fork in the road we must enter this debate. To prevent Darwinists from defining life, devoid of our Judeo-Christian heritage, we must support the Personhood Amendment. Our voice must be heard! Support the Personhood Amendment.

Pastor Stephen Broden, Black Pro-Life Movement
State Personhood Advocates (Most are affiliates of Personhood USA)

Personhood Initatives

Federal Personhood Amendment (ongoing)


State Legislative Initiatives for a Paramount Human Life Amendment

Colorado (2014 Brady Amendment)

Georgia Human Life Amendment (2007-ongoing)

Iowa (2013)

Maryland Personhood Amendment (2009)

Michigan (2010)

North Dakota (2014)


State Ballot Initiatives for a Paramount Human Life Amendment

California Human Life Amendment (2010)

Colorado Personhood Amendment (2008-2010)

Florida (2010)

Missouri (2010)

Missippippi (2010)

Montana (2010)

Nevada (2010)


State Personhood Bills



North Dakota

South Carolina



Quotes from the Dark Side

"Personhood—Anyone who deserves full legal protections, like an adult male or fertilized egg."        http://www.plannedparenthoodaction.org/gynotician-glossary/

"Planned Parenthood spokesperson Monica McCafferty has gone on record stating that the Personhood amendment in Colorado is partly to blame for the scheduled closure of two Planned Parenthood offices in Colorado.

J. Adrian Stanley of the Colorado Springs Independent writes: "McCafferty says she believes personhood organizers have taken to the ballot repeatedly as 'a tactic ... to just drain our resources.' " The article continued to quote McCafferty, claiming that the campaigns to defeat Personhood amendments in Colorado cost the abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood about three million dollars, and that the over expenditure has "hurt."


"If it passes, Georgia's "personhood amendment" could provide anti-choice advocates legal language that could ultimately make abortion at any gestational age tantamount to murder..."

 Kay Scott
Planned Parenthood of Georgia