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Apr 24th
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Home Emerging Technology Aging and the End of Life

Aging and the End of Life

Aging and the End of Life

Aging and the End of Life

Assisted suicide and euthanasia is a confusing subject. However, this subject will greatly affect future generations as we continue the slide down the slippery slope toward declaring several classes of humanbeings ... non-persons in the eyes of the law. Please carefully consider all factors before making a judgment. The following are a list of questions that many have asked on this subject and answers that address these provocative questions.

  1. Isn't a decision to kill oneself a private choice about which society has no right to be concerned?
  2. What about those who are terminally ill?
  3. Shouldn't it be the person's own choice?
  4. What about those in uncontrollable pain?
  5. What about those with severe disabilities?
  6. Is this really an important issue?
  7. Opponents of legalizing assisting suicide say it will lead to involuntary euthanasia. Aren't these overblown scare tactics?
  8. Is euthanasia new to society?
  9. What about "will to live" documents?

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Whitepapers & Links - Aging and Death

Euthanasia: Who Needs It?

Do people really want doctors to help them end their lives in times of pain and illness? To listen to the media or read the press, you certainly would think so.

Will to Live

THE WILL TO LIVE protects your own life and the lives of your family members when you cannot speak for yourselves

A Good Death

Death for a Christian is not the end; it is the beginning.  It is the means by which God takes his child home to his eternal reward.

Protecting Against Involuntary Euthanasia by Providers

The laws of all but ten states may allow doctors and hospitals to disregard advance directives when they call for treatment, food, or fluids, according to a report issued by the NRLC Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics.